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Hi, I'm Anthony,

Your ultimate personal trainer at Top Fitness MTL. With my extensive background in working with both elite athletes and individuals seeking weight loss or muscle mass, I've been able to hone my skills and become your best option for achieving your fitness goals.

With me as your personal trainer, you can expect an unwavering dedication to your success. I posses an innate ability to motivate and inspire, pushing you beyond your perceived limitations while ensuring your safety and well-being. I believe that sustainable progress is achieved through a balance of challenging workouts, proper nutrition, and mental fortitude.


I will guide you every step of the way, helping you establish healthy habits and empowering you to lead a fit and fulfilling lifestyle.

​Whether you're an elite athlete seeking to refine your skills or an individual on a weight loss or muscle gain journey, my diverse background make me your ideal choice.  

Put your trust in me, and I will get you on a transformative fitness journey like no other.


Who We Have Worked With

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Marco S

Anybody can walk into a gym and lift weights and call it a workout. Everyone can walk into a gym, and lose 5,10 pounds. However, you go see Anthony for a lifestyle change. You looking to keep healthy and in shape and be your best? You seek out the best, and for the best results you come here. Forget the mindless, no structure workout, this is where results happen. Your one stop shop for fitness and nutrition. Strongly Recommend!
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